Your Photographer: Jess McKenzie

Hi There! 

My name is Jess; I have a long history with this beautiful little town and am lucky enough to be living here with my family. From a photographic perspective I am so impressed with what Rainbow Beach has to offer. The more I look to capture, the more I find and the options seem to be endless. 


I come from a family who've always been passionate about photography. Growing up in naturally beautiful areas my mum was an avid photographer. I have been a photographer my whole life, So when you hire me your hiring someone Local. Someone who knows the best locations, and the exact right times to be be in these places. We never take the job lightly and each and every wedding is exceptionally important to us. 


As the owner operator of Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography I aim to provide a local, affordable wedding photography service. 

I pride myself on capturing the fleeting moments of intimacy that make your wedding day so special, and am lucky enough to do it in such a beautiful region. 


I look forward to assisting you in any way, from enquiry all the way until the end result. 


Love Jess